National Day Exclusive @ Dian Xiao Er

Posted on 01 Aug 2020 by Dian Xiao Er
Find out what are the new and exclusive dishes Dian Xiao Er has for this National Day!

This National Day, Dian Xiao Er rolled out 2 local delights!

Roasted Char Siew 非一般叉烧
Let our one of a kind char siew pamper your palate! Glazed with Chef’s special sauce, the succulent and tender char siew is roasted to perfection, leaving you wanting for more. 

Singapore-style Chilli Prawns 南洋风味虾
Inspired by the well-known Chilli Crab dish, this dish is modified to preserve the flavourful sauce, making it the perfect dish to accompany with fried mantous. A little spicy and sweet brings out your appetite for a hearty meal!