[NEW] Seasonal Lamb Menu

Posted on 17 Jun 2019 by Shaburi & Kintan Buffet
We are releasing our Lamb Seasonal menu today! Try it and give us your most enthusiastic approval

We mean business when it comes to meat. From the way that each individual cut is treated - the slicing process right down to the marination. 

Lamb ToroLamb Rosu and Lamb Back Ribs are selected because of their versatility and natural flavors. 

Lamb Toro is juicy and tender, coupled with a charred exterior gives a very intense flavor explosion. 
Lamb Rosu when done right, is one of the best things to savor in the world. 
The Lamb Back Ribs are tender, with a good mixture of lean meat and fatty layers. 
When cooked to the right doneness, the strip of fat that lines the meat was rendered out completely, making it so irresistibly juicy and delicious; this is something that will drive lamb lovers crazy.