Simply Wrapps’ All Week Combo Extraordinaire

Posted on 08 Oct 2018 by Simply Wrapps
Get a Burrito Combo, Quesadilla Combo or Small Wrapps Combo with either Hot Twinings Teas or Organic Arabica Coffees, Polar Mineral Water or your favourites Coke Light/Zero at UNBELIEVABLE Low Price all Week.
Even better, they are endorsed by Health Promotion Board for Low Calories option.


Get a Burrito ComboQuesadilla Combo or Small Wrapps Combo with either Hot Twinings Teas or Organic Arabica CoffeesPolar Mineral Water or your favourites Coke Light/Zero at UNBELIEVABLE  Low Price all Week. 

Even better, they are endorsed by Health Promotion Board for Low Calories option.