Get HUAT this Lunar New Year in Korean style with Seoul Yummy!

Posted on 11 Jan 2018 by Seoul Yummy
To kick start the festivities, begin with the timeless practice of tossing the Wang Wang Yu Sheng ($28.80) and dive into Seoul Yummy's Korean Pen Cai Stew ($88.80), a hearty delight featuring over 10 luxe seafood ingredients.

This Chinese New Year, gather family and friends for a “Daebak” beginning to the Lunar New Year of the Dog with Seoul Yummy! From 9th January 2018, diners can indulge in a smorgasbord of reunion lunches and dinners with a unique Korean spin, craftedexclusively for this festive occasion.

To kick start the festivities, begin with the timeless practice of tossing the Wang Wang Yu Sheng 旺
旺鱼生 ($28.80). Featuring Korean favourites such as the flavoursome homemade Kimchi slices and
seasoned Korean Cucumbers, this essential celebratory dish is one to not be missed. The festive
ensemble is completed with fresh and succulent Salmon slices, adorned with classic Yu Sheng
ingredients and beansprouts.

Dive into Seoul Yummy’s Korean Pen Cai Stew 韩式盆菜锅 ($88.80), a hearty delight that
features over 10 luxe ingredients such as Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Tiger Prawns, Mussels, Scallops, Squid, White Clams and signature Korean Ginseng Chicken with glass noodles and more, symbolising an abundance of fortune and prosperity. The hearty stew comes with a choice of the flavourful Seoul Yummy classic army stew soup base for spicy lovers, or a nourishing chicken soup base for diners who prefer a non-spicy touch to the meal.

Last but not least, get excited for your gathering with family and loved ones with Seoul Yummy’s set
meals - the He Le Rong Rong set 和乐融融套餐 ($138 for 5 – 6 pax) conceived specially for
communal dining comprising Wang Wang Yu Sheng, Korean Pen Cai Stew, choice of 2 main dishes
along with the choice of 1 Meat/Seafood dish, Dessert and Ice Lemon Tea.

For smaller gatherings, opt for Yuan Yuan Man Man set 圆圆满满套餐 ($118 for 3- 4 pax) which includes 1 Wang Wang Yu Sheng, Korean Pen Cai Stew and the choice of 1 Main Dish, Dessert and Ice Lemon Tea.

Chinese New Year menu is available for both dine in and take out from now till 28th February 2018.